LTM: 24th September 2019

Dear Eliza

Just to tell you that I’m with you and always will be with you. The day can bring anything along. Whatever it brings your way, I’ll be with you. For the good, for the bad, for the neutrals. I’m with you. I will be with you. Always.

You’re worth it.

I love you Eliza

Always and forever


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        1. Thanks! ??✨✨
          I’ll think about it. I’m not really sure what I think about awards (and haven’t yet responded to 3), but maybe it’ll be fun. I appreciate that you thought of me…
          Love, light and glitter…

  1. This person really knows what she’s talking about. Were I you, Eliza, I’d keep her in my life.

    Clearly, she likes what she sees in you, and has gone “all in” on the venture. Smart woman. Someday, she’ll say, “I knew Eliza all the way back when..”

    1. :) If I can ever say about myself that I knew myself back then, then yes.

      LTM’s are the letters I write to myself. Which I should write more often. I just finished copying out all the letters I’ve written to myself in a LTM journal so it’s all in one place.

      How are you doing?

      1. Good idea, Eliza. Journals. diaries, whatever, may seem a waste of time at first, but so quickly they become indispensable .They remind us we’ve faced these situations before and managed to outlast, often with panache and style. They’re building plans for the future.

          1. Nice, thank you, though much too fleeting. You know how it goes, Eliza. Leave the office Friday afternoon, and already it’s Monday morning.

            What just happened to the last sixty hours? Probably inhabiting the land of clever rejoinders, contemplated thirty seconds too late, and other Might-Have-Beens.

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