Loving The Rain, One Hundred thirty Three Reasons

Loving the rain and anticipating its arrival makes me glad at being alive!

Of course, I am not just talking about a bit of drizzling, here and there, or a dainty rainfall. No, I am speaking about heavy, horse-galloping rain! The kind heard through even the most insulated of walls!

This kind of radical downfall is a sensational thrill for me! I can see rapid crystals hitting the ground, as I feel its thrilling energy and adventurous
life fill my being with immense excitement!

These horse-galloping days last a lifetime in my memories, even once the rain has finished its colossal spill.

On the other hand, overcast days create, within me, sadness, insecurity, and the feeling of being ungrounded.

Loving The Rain!

I like days that are sunny,

or days of heavy, pouring rain;

But, those in-between days

cause me unsettling,

emotional pain.

I love the rain!

I love the rain!


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Loving The Rain Yancosky

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  1. I actually love being out in the rain, although not this kinda rain more the drizzly kind, coz’ I don’t like getting wet through. I usually walk in the rain with my hood down…

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