Letter to myself: 6th February ’18

I’m writing this on my phone so it’s going to be shorter than otherwise. I hate writing on my phone.

Dear Eliza

I love you. Just breathe. You are okay. I know you are on edge. I know the moment is really hard for you. I don’t know how to change it.

You’ve done what you can – some anyways. And done what you dislike like eating a lot of junk food. Eliza, you are okay. The worst is you remain on edge. I just hope that you are able to sleep as you haven’t really in a long while. It’ll pass. It can change. It will change. Coz today you dunno how to handle life means that one day you will know. And yeah Eliza, there is a lot going on externally, it brings up a lot of the past that you aren’t ready to face, and it’s okay. You are okay. You’ve got this. No you won’t always act as you should. You’ve only gotta try. You’re worth it… And you will get there.

Luv ya,


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