Letter to myself: 4th September ’17


It’s okay. I promise you, it’s okay. I know you’ve used too much. I know you want to use more. I know you began burning. I know you want to really burn. I know you consider yourself a coward for not going through with it. I know. Eliza, I know. I know how confusing it is. I know how much you want such different things. It’s okay Eliza. I promise you, it’s okay. I love you. Eliza, regardless of what you do, or don’t do, it’s okay. If you never do anything in your life, it’s okay. If you mess up your life completely, it’s okay. Whatever is, I promise you, it’s okay. I’m with you Eliza. I love you. Always and forever. I’m sorry it’s hurting so much. Just know that it’ll pass. It won’t stay so hard. It can’t stay this hard. You’re strong. I know you don’t believe that. You’re worth it. Another thing you don’t believe. It’s okay. One day you’ll know it. I believe in you. I know that you’ll get to another side. I know that it’s possible. And that you’ll do it. I love you always. It’ll always be okay.


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