Letter to myself: 20th June 2019

Hi Eliza

Life is a journey. A journey filled with ups and downs. This moment of the journey is an ‘up’. A time you are calm. You are at peace. You are okay. Things happen that you don’t like, and you are just okay. I love this time. I love the peace. The awesomeness. I love you Eliza.

Life is a journey. You were writing that you want to find and know yourself. You know Eliza, I think every person asks who they are. I think everyone questions themselves. They may start with more knowledge. They may not spend their lives believing that they don’t have a right to exist. The quest to know yourself Eliza, that is normal.

Life is a journey Eliza. You want to know yourself. You will know yourself. You want to know who you are, you want to know what you want. Part of the beauty of the journey Eliza, is that it’s ever changing. That it’s fluid. That there is both the who you are, and the who you want to be.

Life is a journey. It is always a journey. There is never a finish line – other than death. You’ll always be learning. You’ll constantly learn more about yourself. And constantly be moving towards, hopefully, whoever you want to be (and that will constantly be changing too).

Life is a journey. That may constantly change. You may never fully know yourself. Yet Eliza, I know with certainty, that you’ll be living with yourself, at peace (because in some sense, at the moment you are). You’ll be living a journey of discovery, of growth. You’ll be living the journey of life. You’ll be learning what you want. You’l be learning that you can – are allowed to – want. You’ll be learning to balance your needs with others needs.

Life is a journey. I wonder where this journey will take us. I wonder who we’ll meet on this journey. I wonder where we will live. I wonder what this life you are creating, and will create, for yourself, will look like. It will be interesting to see.

Life is a journey. Some of it will be easy. Some of it will be tough. All of it will be filled with beauty, courage, faith, perseverance.

Life is a journey. Let it lead you Eliza. Let it be. Let yourself be. Forgive yourself for not knowing. For any mistakes you make on the way. Love yourself always. Love the world. Embrace it. Let it embrace you.

Life is a journey.

Love you.

Always and forever,


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  1. Would love a letter to myself like this arriving on the post. Old fashioned maybe but I liked the snail mail days. Charming piece though. Let the journey continue….

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