Letter to myself: 13th January ’18


I’m so happy that you’re starting to write this letter again.
When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot to someone else’s. I’m not quite sure whose rope there is to tie your to, but, you aren’t alone. I know that these days are hard. You’re at the point where every moment is a struggle to be, where it just seems pointless, for nothing changes and there is no reason to believe that it ever will. There is reason to believe, though. Coz’ of those who have done it before you, and those who will do it after you.

You’re worth it Eliza. However impossible it may be to believe, you’re worthy of life, of joy. Of happiness. Of okayness. You’re worthy of being. You deserve it Eliza.

Today has been another day. I’m glad S called you. I’m happy that you were able to explain to her just why you’re so tired, even though there is all that she won’t/can’t grasp, there is what she can – did – get. I’m happy you got through another day on this journey of life. The days won’t always be so endless. At some point they’ll fly be so fast that you will wonder where they’re running to.

You’re okay Eliza. I’m proud of you. You always will be okay. You’re worth it. I love you.

G’night. Sleep well. Just breathe.


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