Letter to myself: 12th January ’18

I know it’s the 13th today, but I didn’t get to do this yesterday, and I figure there’s no harm it doing it now for yesterday

Dear Eliza

Writing today for yesterday? Just to tell you that you’re worth it and I’m proud of you. A day went by. You tried to do all that you wanted to do before a specified time. You almost managed it. Almost, not perfect. Better luck next time, as they say. You can do it next week. Prepare to be ready earlier. I’m proud of you for trying. For doing your best. Work is a drag. I’m glad you have a weekend off now. I’m glad you have time to relax. You’re special Eliza. At the moment the world is seeming just, tiring. A place you’d rather be anywhere but. I think it changes. I hope it changes. We’re believing together that it does. You’ll get there. Luv ya,


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