Getting my site back #188

I’m grateful to have access to my site. I’m grateful that it’s back up. Even though I’m not really using it much nowadays or doing with it what I would love to do with it (continue posting reasons).

#188 having my site back. I’m grateful to the awesome person who did this for me.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope

Love, light and glitter


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  1. Welcome back, Eliza! Nice that we can continue the conversation, and that you overcame technology’s tantrum. Not this time, internet!

    You saw this challenge, persisted, and overcame it. That shows spirit, and an eye for the future. Quite impressive.

    Now, where were we?

      1. It functions as furniture, but really, the couch is pretty “meh.” With that, we already have wasted too of your resurrected site’s bandwidth discussing it.

        “Why won’t he tell me about his couch? Is he some kind of secret agent or something?” I don’t know; am I?

        As for my space, lots of wall art and pictures. That more or less summarizes it.

        What about you, Eliza? …and please don’t tell me you live in a cave, because I really don’t want to read about rocks.

        1. You may just be a secret agent.
          What kinda things do you like your pictures to be of?
          How did you guess where I lived? I live on a cave in the cliff overlooking the ocean….

          My room is blue with a lot of dolphin stuff – figurines, cushions, puzzles. And some butterlflies

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