Hey y’all

Colours. Imagine a world without colour.

So I began writing this, and, then got bored. Anyone who wants to continue it…….. :)

What colour am I grateful for?

This world is filled with colour, splashing everywhere

I’m meant to pick just one colour from all, and say ‘there’?

I love colour, all of it, be it red, pink or blue

Maybe black, grey, orange, or yellow in another hue,

I’m grateful for all colour, which brightens my day

Imagine a world without it, so boring, I’d say

The red, orange, yellow of the sun, as I watch it rise

The orange brown of the leaves, coming with fall surprise

The yellow of the lemons, the purple of the plums,

The brown of the guitar, as its’ strings my finger strums

I got bored of writing this here

Come and continue this, be a dear…



One thought on “FOURTEEN: Colours

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  1. The white that is so pure but is really void of colour,
    It makes me think of light, of hope and also of my mother.
    Of clouds and Angels , snow and gowns, a symbol of something clean.
    This colour that’s not a colour is lovely and so serene.

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