FOUR: Chart a path

Hey y’all

So I’m grateful to be writing this. I need the distraction from my head at the moment. Focusing on why I want to be here is probably a good idea.
This is a continuation of the previous posts – show it’s possible and be the link in the chain. I want to find something I wrote and post it, it kind of defines what I mean. In short, by doing the impossible, by being the link in the chain, it’s creating a path for others to follow, that others can see how to do it.
I went on a walk recently.

It was around a lake in Wales. If anyone here knows what the walks in Wales are about……. You see grass. No pointers. Mud. And no clue at all where to go….. sometimes though you see the grass slightly flattened.

Image result for path on grass

Every person who walked before you flattened the grass someone, and created a path that I could follow, and see where to go. Every person who walks the path furthermore is making it easier for the next person.
Sometimes I wish someone would just come and

Image result for show the way

It’s looking at the people who’ve done it before me, being that link in the chain, and being there to show others the way.


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