Forty One: Music

Need I say more than that?
There are all different kinds of music. I’m no connoisseur, and ca’t even identify different genres, but music is something that can be so, delicate. Pretty. Inspirational. There are some songs that have actually helped me. Such as ‘Here for a reason’ by Ashes Remain

Some songs I like for no real reason. Like the whiskey lullaby

Some that move me. Like ‘The wound is where the light gets in’ and ‘Learning’ by Jason Gray. ‘Overcomer’, ‘What scars are for’ by Mandisa.

Some that touch me, such as ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Stand by you’ by Rachel Platten

Sometimes I want music to just be noise, to drown out the noise in my head. Sometimes I want to listen to words to inspire me. Other times it’s for background, when I’m never aware of what i’m actually listening to and suddenly realize at the end of a song that I actually like or dislike what is playing.

What music do you like?

Forty One: Music


01 Stand By You What Scars Are For (Lyric Video) Mandisa – Overcomer (1) Jason Gray – The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In (Lyric Video) Jason Gray – Learning (Lyric Video) Here for a Reason – Ashes Remain whiskey lullaby

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