Five Senses, One Hundred and Seventeen

Five Senses

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Our five senses give us five great reasons to live this life in joy!

1). Sight:

Let alone all the rich and vibrant colors that surround us, everywhere are amazing gifts of wonder and awe in which our eyes can explore and take in, and even share their marvelous findings with others!

Holographic rainbows that shimmer beneath the sun’s rays are so deserving of our most mindful glance;

Powder-puff kittens and round-eyed puppies, with eyes as dark as night, beg for our attention;

Yonder is a purple and burgundy sunset, retreating just slowly enough, in hopes of catching our eye;

And, among so many other countless marvels to behold with our eyes, there are those warm smiles, cast upon lonely faces, in need of a bit of humanity, that our own kindnesses can bring about.

2). Sound:

Certain sounds can enrich, awaken, and inspire in the most astonishing ways!

The sound of our favorite songs lift us up, makes us want to dance, and come alive!

The sound of a purring kitten, or grown cat, gives us the sense that it’s going rather okay, even if just for this one moment; and sometimes, this one moment is enough to renew our hope!

The sound of familiarity, whether it’s a loved one’s voice, a child’s laughter, a favorite television show, or even just a narrator’s voice, like a welcome home to us when we are feeling ungrounded, or unsettled, can be soothing.

3). Taste: (This shouldn’t be too difficult!)

Home-baked cookies… wait, not done… while watching our favorite television show (Ya!) can cheer up the worst of days;

Eating just about anything while out among nature, especially while camping, shouts out the fun found in living, and the enjoyment of our existence!

Taking a day, or two, during our calorie-watching (maybe a few times a month) to eat all those yummy treats we crave so much during those times where we are so careful of our calories and nutrition… and let’s not forget… while doing a bit of binge TV watching… is definitely something to keep highlighted on our calendars ?.

4). Touch:

The sense of touch is especially important because we can experience our world so keenly with this particularly prized sense of ours!

From petting our animals, to the feel of a soft blanket wrapped around our bodies, to the ceasing of a painful condition, the joys allotted us, by way of our sense of touch, is endless! 

5). Scent:

One of my favorite senses is that of our ability to experience scents, aromas, and fragrances!

Though I do not like coffee, I cherish its rich, robust aroma, and I find its fragrance, alone, fully energizing!

Who can resist the tangy, honey-sweet scent of Jasmine flowers flowing through the cool evening air (or Wisteria…oh, and Honeysuckle!)?

Scented pine needles, freshly mowed grass, or the ocean air seems to never lose its novelty at beckoning me to remember this gift of life!

Of course, I could carry on with this list entailing millions of things that we can enjoy through each of our five senses, but this is just a small example, as “a grain of sand about an entire beach” of how our senses give us abundant reasons to, not only live, but to thrive!

© 2018 Tamara Yancosky

One Hundred and Seventeen, Five Senses

One Hundred and Seventeen, Five Senses

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    1. Thank you so much, Eliza ❤️. I can do more whenever you like about whatever you wish… such as “Reasons to Live”. I just don’t want to be intrusive! I love the things you write. ❤️

      Sorry, sometimes I’m a little unsure about Social Norms or Social Media Mannerisms and this is why I’m not always sure what to do ?.

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      1. I’d love you to write reason posts (for it’s reasons supposedly) whenever you want to……
        I want to get to 1000 reasons (a different reason every post) and there is no way I can do it on my own.

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