Finding a parking space #189

Parking. People who know me know that parking is one of the biggest bugbears of my life. I know, my last reason was driving. One of my last reasons, since I’ve just found this in my draft folder. Sometimes I drive, and I’m looking for a parking space, and hey presto, there’s a space just there. Sitting and waiting. Just for me! I seriously feel that way. That the spaces are waiting for me. That they’re there because I need them. I like driving through better than parking. The other day I was reversing into a space (if I reverse into a space I don’t have to then reverse out. Reversing into a space feels safer for there is less risk of cars or people that I can’t see. I hate reversing. Well, parking, reversing, all of it which isn’t actual driving.) and, somehow, miraculously, I landed directly into the space! Like, perfectly! My car was even straight. It was in between the two lines. Was far back enough. And I was exactly IN THE SPACE. I say landed, since it had nothing to do with my parking skill. The other day, the day prior to this miracle parking, I drove through 2 spaces and parked on a slant. My friend who was with me commented on my ability to have such an easy space and yet always remain at a slant.

Parking. Sometimes I find it easier to park, other times harder, I’m always grateful for those random strangers who direct me and help me with parking, especially when I’m reversing. Who wait for me to finish with no fuss at all, no matter that they’re waiting…

Finding a parking space. Finding an easy parking space. The people who help me to get my car into the parking space. I’m grateful for them all.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Love, light and glitter

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  1. I completely relate to this… except for the bit about strangers helping me park. I find it confusing when this happens and don’t know where to look! But there has been an odd occasion when I’ve actually got out of the car and let somebody step into the driving seat for a minute. It makes them feel good – and it helps me out! xx

  2. I avoid parallel parking at all costs – I’ll park farther away to avoid it … you might be okay when you pull in, but then you come back to leave and someone (sometimes two cars, not just one) have boxed you in.

  3. Congratulations on achieving one of driving’s sublime experiences! Do you realize many never enjoy what you just did? Plus the future has yet to unfold, meaning you may attain this perfection again.

    Of course, another option is just to park your car on the street. Tell anyone who objects (honking drivers, police, etc.), “Important things to do; you couldn’t possibly understand.”

    I’m pretty sure that would work.

    1. That’s what I’ll do next time!
      Whenever I have to go out my family tell me to hurry out because I’ve parked the car in the middle of the street. I don’t try to but sometimes there are so many other cars around and it’s impossible, or seemingly impossible, to park!

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