Fifty Two: People who inspire me

People who inspire me.

There are so many people in this world. Who inspire me. Even just by living their lives. Who continue on. Who are my reason for today. I wonder if they know how significant they are. People who just, continue trying, just for today, just for another moment at a time. People who give selflessly of their time, for no reason other than to give. People who are here against all the odds. People. People. People. Sometimes, I know I can look around the world and wonder about the people around me. Their stories. I don’t think about others. But every single person can be an inspiration. If you just let them. The child who learns to walk at age 3. The child who learns to read at age 12. The adult who re-learns walking at 40. The grandmother who goes to get a degree she’s always wanted at 60. The father who dedicates specifics to his children. The mother who is able to put her children before herself. The boy who continues trying to master the skill he wants to until, he does it! The woman who goes to rehab. I often think I should talk more to people. Ask them for their stories. Everyone is an inspiration. Although I don’t actually tap into them all. For those people in my life who are my inspiration, who prove it’s possible – just by doing it themselves, just by being there – you are my reason fifty two. Thank you.

Who inspires you? How?


This post is dedicated to those who are my inspiration. Specifically M, K, D, L, S, A, L.R, T.C, including those who won’t see this (M, E.V, D.K), every one of you reading this, all of you on SF.

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  1. I cannot say anyone specific inspires me per say. A lot of people have done a lot of marvellous, courageous things, but they do not inspire me. Firefighters are amazing people. A&E consultants make life and death decisions daily which takes tremendous dedication to their chosen vocation.

    Writing poetry, a muse is about as close to inspiration as it gets. They don’t always work, but when they do, it does feel energizing to be creative.

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