FIFTEEN: The squirrel

I was looking out of my bedroom window after writing something pretty depressing. When I saw this squirrel perched on a piece of wood, eating – eating something or another

I felt like that squirrel was outside my window saying to me, Hey, Eliza, there’s a reason. I’m it.

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  1. I can’t find a “like” button, but this is a good reason to feel good … this squirrel was outside your window so you would see it chomping away, and all is right in the world as it found some food … not everyone understands how simple things can make you smile. Not everyone would read my posts and say “that is a feel-good post”… some people would say “not another squirrel story!” I live simply and frugally ,,, I would be more inclined to feed the squirrels and spend money doing that, than to treat myself – more pleasure and smiles and not everyone “gets” that. You do. Other fellow bloggers who are nature lovers do as well. I am glad that you do get it Eliza. I think this is a gray squirrel like Grady, judging from his white front … we have mostly the bigger squirrels (Fox squirrels) like Parker. But this little gray squirrel hanging around my house – he is being bullied by a larger Fox squirrel who takes his peanuts and chases him up a tree – a week ago, Grady, the gray squirrel, was up in the tree whimpering like squirrels do when they are scared. I hate bullying – people or animals. I was bullied as a kid when we moved here from Canada when I was 10 – the teacher and kids (yes the teacher) laughed at my Canadian accent, kids beat me up – I hated it here. I always go for the underdog, having been there before. I am going to get ready to leave in a few minutes to walk – we have an uncharacteristically warm day and weekend for Southeast Michigan. I think you are overseas judging from the time stamp. I follow several blogs in the U.K., most of them nature lovers.

    1. Thanks for telling me to look in spam!
      It makes me sad that the teachers don’t know how to act (somehow most my friends were bullied, love nature, love writing, are sensitive, in tune, bright. I’m not sure how come they’re all so similar to each other despite the fact that they’re from the spectrum of the world and ages).
      I sat by the beach in Tenerife now videoing the water for ages. Actually more of my pictures are nature than of people. I hope one day to get a good camera – use my phone – just to be able to capture the awesomeness of the world.

      1. You’re welcome – I knew it had to br there and hate when that happens as I am sure I had nothing SPAMMY in there!! I often thing the world is too computerized, and feel like the world spins too fast for me, but then I think were it not for a digital age, I’d not capture all these pictures – so expensive using film back in the day and would never ended up on WordPress and met so many nice people. So it has its advantages. My pictures are mostly nature too … today, funny … I took some pictures of people in the Park, but only because it was icy this morning as you know and I went so much later- a guy was in shorts and some guys playing soccer so I took their pictures because that is unusual for Michigan on January 5th!! I am late and not even started my post yet, but have done the pictures … I left really late for me today.

          1. I was freezing just looking at him too – I have uploaded some pictures, haven’t started a post but will try … I did not see a snowy owl, not even a snowy-looking seagull, but I have to say the weather for January in Michigan … just unreal! It was about 45 and I walked 6 1/2 miles today … tomorrow morning we have some freezing rain – I get to sleep in – yay! I could deal with Winter if it was like this, but no, Mother Nature insists on the snow and ice … I can even deal with the cold, just bundle up … but the rest of it. No thanks!

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