Family #175

175. My family.

I love my family. The crazy, lovable, cool people who make family. The ones who drive me up the wall and back down it again. I love my family. All of them. They’ve all their own issues and quirks. Some of them are more balanced then others. They all love. They all dream. They all hope. They’re all full of life and laughter.


Those who wake me up

With noises in the night

Those who picked me up

When I fell down

Those who raced up the mountains with me

Those who made midnight feasts

Making sure to get up when everyone was asleep

Those who’d play in the garden all day

Those who broke the couch through the airplanes and forts we’d build

Those with whom I spent my life with laughter, tears and play

Those who made me cry and scream more than anyone else could

Those who protected me when others wanted to attack (that was only for them)

Those who over the years I’ve slowly gotten to know


If I weren’t falling asleep and doing this on my phone and forgetting what on earth I’ve written I’d continue this. I’m lucky to have my family. I’m lucky to have loads fun memories of a whole back and of today with them. With those who don’t know boundaries and are manipulative. With those who are somehow balanced and stable. With those who I spent more time with and with those I spent less time. My family.

175. My family. I wouldn’t want them to hurt because of me. Though this reason to live isn’t about not hurting them but about loving them.

Love, light and glitter


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    1. That’s really true.
      I’ve a pretty good relationship with my mother now because of that. With my siblings it’s easier for I never really expect anything from them either way.
      How are you?

  1. Be grateful for family – they are there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad … cherish them. I have no family left so take it from me – enjoy them!

    1. (((hugs))) You’re awesome. You know that, right? Though it doesn’t harm to say again. You inspire me…
      Love, light and glitter

      1. Thank you Eliza – you are awesome too! I wanted to ensure you saw that video … made me sad when he was sad, but wanted you to see it and I like the music as well as the subtitles. I was away a good part of today as my neighbor two doors down is having a big party. He is Mexican. Today is Cinco de Mayo. He has a huge party – speakers on with Mexican music, a lot of people and his dog gets tied up and barks from morning to night … I knew I’d lose my mind so went for a long walk, and then some. I had to enjoy the sunshine because we will have five days of rain, having come off of 9 days of rain (except yesterday) … you would think this was London where I always thought it rained a lot. I was there in 1979 with my parents, one week – no rain! Love, light and glitter and (((hugs))) back at you Eliza … I wanted to catch you now due to the time difference.

        1. lol, it definitely rains a lot here, but it seems like it’s raining a lot more by you than here. Here – where I live – it’s 4 seasons a day. The morning starts grey or blue, changes to the other, rains, sunshine, sometimes hails for a few minutes, cold, hot, ya know….. Though the extremes here are a lot less. It doesn’t get as cold or as hot.
          I’m so glad you walked!!!! I hope you met parker and his friends again (well I’ll have to check your blog and see :) I finally caught up with your posts, I’m only really following your blog and one others, the rest if I miss it doesn’t matter).
          Sending lotsa glitter…..

          1. I did walk yesterday, saw Parker Saturday and Sunday too. I took a bunch of photos with dandelions and Parker and his pals and will try to do that this week one day. Not a long post, just a short and sweet one like I did tonight. Four different seasons in one day – I thought we were bad here! We’ve had a roller coaster-type weather. One day very cold, the next day as much as 30 degrees warmer … very strange weather. Thanks for following me … I appreciate that. I write a lot, but don’t get much of anything else done (except work – have to “show up” for that). :) I have yet to find a happy medium as to blogging – I seem to be online more and more every day, between work and blogging and trying to keep up with social media. Sending glitter back at you Eliza.

              1. Actually I love blogging Eliza, but I have to get some stuff done in and around the house – I am ashamed to tell you how behind I am in doing everything since I’ve put all my energy into walking and blogging. I can’t seem to get other things done that need attention – I put off doing laundry, cleaning the house – haven’t done anything outside, so I will need to catch up for awhile. We still did not get our new laptops or computers – I thought that was going to happen three weeks. And a new accounting program after using the same one since 2003. Not looking forward to any of it – I want to get caught up, then resume my regular schedule. I’m going to try hard to get more done. My house should not be this cluttered – it is just me!

                1. You’ve been talking about the new laptops for ages and they still haven’t been given out. I hope they’ll be okay getting used to.
                  Would you pay yourself to do housework or set some minutes every day to do it? My room is always a mess, but that’s just me :)

                  1. It is ridiculous really – I told him to just send it from the factory to me and I’d configure it … then he said “no, I’ll do that for you – I want to do that for you please.” Sigh. I’m okay with putting it off and Windows 7 does not expire as to virus protection by Microsoft until January or February of 2020, but I don’t know where he is with this part of the project. He has to deliver the laptop before he sets up the new workstation at work or I won’t be able to remote in. I’ve not been to the office in 10 years. I never was that messy before – it just seems like I put everything off, and I have to get better. We are having storms this evening and through the morning, part of tomorrow. It may be a good time to start then since I don’t like to be on the computer in a storm.

                    1. It seems like he’s the one taking the time. I like it that he will configure it for you though it’s so frustrating to be waiting for it….

                      (((hugs))) Did you get to any housework?

                    2. Yes, I guess that is the plus and I actually made the house look nice in case he glanced down the hall when he walked in. :) Well, no I did none and should have done some instead of doing a post in the morning. This morning I got up really early as we are having some stormy weather tonight (they called it a robust storm) and I usually shut down the computer and pull the plug so I wanted this post to go out in conjunction with Mother’s Day (all the goslings I saw at the Park yesterday – I think you’ll like it). However, they say it will likely rain a good part of Sunday, so I’ll do it for sure – maybe squeak in a walk, but it is not looking so good right now. I still haven’t tried out the waterproof shoes or boots. (((hugs back to you)))

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