Driving Update, Creative Writing, Reasons #165


Hello, this is Tamara. ♥️ Being here is an honor.

Thank you!

While I was driving, today, I was thinking about how being ‘behind the wheel’ is utterly exciting; my foot danced upon the gas pedal, I changed lanes on each curve and bend (like a race car driver!), and I listened to some great tunes!

This is not to say I was going over the speed limit because I was not, nor do I hardly ever do that.

On the rare occasion that I accidentally go 10-15 mph, over the recommended limit, it is not done so with malicious intent. But, sometimes I tend to drive to the rhythm of the music I am playing when driving. I think most people do this. Maybe I should start listening to slower music while I am driving.

Strangely, when I have had another car driving alongside of me for a while, and then they suddenly turn in another direction, I actually miss them, and feel sort of sentimental that they are leaving. Plus I feel bad that they are not going to pull off at my last stop just to get out of their car, come up to my car window to meet and greet me so that they can say, “Wow, you are an excellent driver! You are so skilled at the intricacies that set some drivers apart from the rest! It must come naturally for you.” And, I picture myself blushing a bit, and giggling, and  responding, “Yaaa”.

But, no; this scenario has never happened for me, and I cannot understand why. I guess people are too busy with their own lives to have time to verbally appreciate well-bred drivers. Still, I wish they would not go away in another direction, opposite of where the road is taking me.Talk about abandonment issues.

Anyway, when I happen to catch myself driving faster than the recommended speed limit, I do slow way down! I love heroes, such as Police Officers (Firefighters, First Responders, U.S. Military, Animal Activists, ETC.), and I do not want to make them waste their time having to pull me over, unless it is to give me an award for driving well. Besides, I am sure they have so many other, more dangerous people, to contend with.

I respect these heroes’ time, dedication, and sacrifice!


When I take

to the wheel,

to enjoy

the privilege

of driving,

it makes

me feel

that I am


every goal,

and utterly



This vigorous

rush feels like

an “E” Ticket

ride at


but, I do not

give my police


any reason

to reprimand!


Each breath

that I take

makes me


that I am



then I know

I will be able

to continue

to drive, drive,



Survival to Revival!

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