Don’t let this journey end – What is your reason to live

I started this site when I was suicidal and wanted to focus on the reasons to live rather than the reasons to die. I’d love this list to keep on growing and growing…. I can’t do it on my own. I want and need help writing reason posts.

Would you be happy to share your reason or reasons (as a post or more than one post) on my blog?

‘Reasons to live posts’ have a specific title such as people that give – this is to allow another post, people that care, rather than just ‘people’. A name/site you’d like linked in the post so that it can be attributed to the author. The content itself can be a paragraph, a monologue, even just one sentence explaining the reason. Posts I’ve written in the past has varied from sentences to quotes, to reblogs, to videos, to pictures, to links to anything else. Basically, whatever has taken hold of me as a reason to live.

To share your reason please email me to Either send the title, links and content, or you can ask me to invite you as a contributor and you can add your reason yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you AliciaAnaJunkDannyHadas Bat-elLaurieRicky, and Tamara for sharing your reasons

A list of all the reasons written so far can be found here.

42 thoughts on “Don’t let this journey end – What is your reason to live

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  1. Can I ask you to install it on the side of the Translator, it would make reading your posts easier?

  2. Hello! I’m stoked that we are connected here on wordpress. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for Sunshine Blogging Award Nomination. Also, I was wondering if I could add you to my email list? If so, reply with a good email. :) Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Kayla. I appreciate the thought.
      I wouldn’t do it on my real blog (reasons to live), though maybe I could answer on my new blog ( How does it work?

      I don’t actually get emails with the comments for some reason so can’t reply with an email.

      Hope you had a peaceful weekend and have an awesome week ahead.

  3. Hi Eliza … I stumbled into your blog this morning after you had pressed the “Like” button on a comment I made recently on the post of a blog that I follow. When I received the e-mail that you had “liked” my comment, I did as I always do and followed the links that arrived in the e-mail, and they took me to your Home and Blog page, where I began reading. Thank you.

    Coming from a family where suicide is a harsh reality (my own brother and two first cousins made their own personal choices to become suicide fatalities), I can tell you that I can only wish that my brother Brian and my cousins Karen and Larry would have had the chance to experience your blog. But their deaths were so long ago now, at a time when suicide was one of those things where people just didn’t discuss it openly. Brian’s decision to take his own life happened thirty five years ago this past February 10th. The year was 1984. seems so long ago now, but it’s really not. It’s all gone by so fast. Thirty five years … so long ago, and yet the sorrow and the pain is as piercing now as it was then.

    I wrote to Brian recently, in a post on my blog … long time no see, Bri. I miss him dearly, always have, and always will. I wish I could have told him then what I know now, so many things that were left unsaid from that time. I wish I could have said all the things I wrote to him, in a heartfelt way, rather than blog about it. I wish I could have pointed him to one of the many mental health resources that are available today … unlike back then. I wish that back then, suicide was able to be talked about in mental health forums like it is now. I wish he could have read many of the posts in your blog … your poignant, touching letter to the 16 year old girl from your community … any of the letters to yourself … your page devoted to ‘reasons why live.” I wish, I wish, I wish. And I am sad, too.

    But, I am also pleased. Pleased that I found you in the random, stumbling, pleasing way that I did. Thank you. I think I’ll come back … Keith

    1. Hi Keith
      This comment brought me to tears, and gave me the impetus to actually email some therapists (I need to figure out therapy), so thanks!
      I am sad about your brother (and cousins), and am in awe of your strength to continue on.
      Thank you for commenting and letting me know that you passed by.
      Love, light and glitter

      1. Well, Eliza, your blog and your writings brought me to tears a couple of time this morning. I woke up earlier than usual this morning, and it’s pretty obvious why. I needed to see your “Like” and your posts … I needed to read your blog … I needed to cry … I needed to re-read my own post to Brian … I needed to cry again … I needed to respond to one of your posts.

        And you needed the impetus to figure out your therapy … so we helped each other.

        How wonderful is that? Thank you …

        1. Have a good day Keith
          I began looking through the post you wrote and stopped when I realised it’d be too triggering.
          Take care of yourself today.

  4. Perhaps the best reason to live is because there is someone (and hopefully a lot more than one) who loves you dearly, and suicide would devastate that special someone and ‘kill’ the unconditional part you play in their life. I don’t know you personally, but I can sense that you are a special person…..and the world needs all the special persons it can hold.

    Take care, and be strong. :) :) :)

    1. Thank you MM. Today I feel even more so that I’m a waste, but hopefully that’ll pass.
      Love, light and glitter

    1. You’re never aggravating. I really should set up another blog and just blog what I think.
      I don’t know how I’m doing.
      Love, light and glitter

      1. I think that would benefit you much better. I support that.

        I don’t know how much of a help I’d be, but I’m almost always around if you want/need to talk.

        1. I just don’t know how to set up a free wordpress site or know what to call it…
          I dunno, I always want to talk but never really can.

          1. “Random Thoughts by Eliza” ?

            WordPress shows free sites on their website and kind of shows you what to do.

            I’m up for whatever conversation you are up for.

            1. Yeah, just deciding if I’ll do a free one. Everyone else seems to end in so not sure why it ends differently to that.

  5. I’d love to contribute! And believe me there are reasons indeed to live; although there are times when life feels otherwise. But life takes happy turns I am positive. I hope you are better :)

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