Don’t let this journey end – What is your reason to live

I started this site when I was suicidal and wanted to focus on the reasons to live rather than the reasons to die. I’d love this list to keep on growing and growing…. I can’t do it on my own. I want and need help writing reason posts.

Would you be happy to share your reason or reasons (as a post or more than one post) on my blog?

‘Reasons to live posts’ have a specific title such as people that give – this is to allow another post, people that care, rather than just ‘people’. A name/site you’d like linked in the post so that it can be attributed to the author. The content itself can be a paragraph, a monologue, even just one sentence explaining the reason. Posts I’ve written in the past has varied from sentences to quotes, to reblogs, to videos, to pictures, to links to anything else. Basically, whatever has taken hold of me as a reason to live.

To share your reason please email me to Either send the title, links and content, or you can ask me to invite you as a contributor and you can add your reason yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you AliciaAnaJunkDannyHadas Bat-elLaurieRicky, and Tamara for sharing your reasons

A list of all the reasons written so far can be found here.

9 thoughts on “Don’t let this journey end – What is your reason to live

Add yours

  1. I’d love to contribute! And believe me there are reasons indeed to live; although there are times when life feels otherwise. But life takes happy turns I am positive. I hope you are better :)

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