Dialogue with myself (TW – SH) — Journey to life #186

I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I can journal through dialogue. I’m grateful that I learn what’s going on for myself. I’m grateful for how much putting it down calms me.

Dialogue journaling – #186

Why did you buy cocodamol?
I want it. (Stamps imaginary foot in head)
You’re allowed to want it
I’m not.
You’re allowed to want everything Eliza.
Literally everything.
I’m not
Eliza, you’re allowed to want everything.
I can’t.
What can’t you?
Okay. You can though.
Am I going to change your mind?
You can’t. It’s […]

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  1. Great notion, Eliza, of putting to “paper” the dialogues that course through your mind, all our minds, actually. In so doing, you crystalize and organize your own thoughts, and may anticipate comments from others, thus reinforcing your thinking. Not that you need our validation, but it doesn’t hurt, does it?

    1. You’re right about both. I don’t need the validation (not for this, it was a piece of my journaling), and it definitely doesn’t hurt. Makes me feel less alone.
      I find writing in that way helpful for I’m not in touch with what I’m going to say. It’s really taking a journey and learning, understanding and accepting what is.
      Love, light and glitter

      1. Makes sense, Eliza. Journaling is great way to create notes for the remarks you deliver.

        Whereas the scientist leaves baffling notes (“Whatever does she think that particular formula proves?”), you helpfully explain it all.

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