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This has nothing to do with reasons so I’m not sure if I should be allowing this post to be written ;)

As a lot of people reading this probably know, if you ask me why I’m here, I’ll say that I promised. I promised to give life a go. And, that’s why I’m here. What I commit to means a lot to me. Was looking up the date. I thought it was mid November that I’d said it. It wasn’t. It was mid-October. I’m not sure what happens when it’s been a year. I’m not sure what it means to me. I just know that I have looming in my head this deadline, of, I promised I’d give life a go, and, the year coming to an end. 7 weeks left. About. Which means, if I write a reason a day, it’s be 50 reasons. You think that’ll be reason enough? Who knows…. I just know that it’s a pretty big thing in my mind. And, I want to find reason to try from then on too.


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