Charting a path – the tunnel

I once begun writing this and never finished it. This is the unfinished, combined version….
I’m walking through a tunnel, long and winding. I walk along, through the blackness and wonder when the tunnel ends. But, I know, ‘there’s a light at the end of the tunnel’. I can see the glimmer, and that directs me. ‘Due to a technical fault the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off’. Now, I’m walking in complete darkness. Without the guidance of the light. But I know with certainty that there’s an end to this tunnel, so, I continue walking. When, CRASH.

The floor reverberates, the wall shakes, my ears ring. I stand still in shock. What was that? Walking cautiously around, I check. And find that the tunnel end has caved in. Leaving thousands of meters of rock fall, jagged, piled pieces and boulders, instead of the opening that had been there. I walk to the other exit. Somehow it’s much nearer now than it was before. The same has happened. It’s no longer a tunnel, instead it’s a really confined space that I can’t breathe in with no possibility of exit. I’m now trapped in a cave. With no way out. No light filtering in from the outside. I just sit there. Wallowing in the misery. There was an exit once. That is, no more. When I discover that I’ve a choice.
To stay trapped in the tunnel-turned-cave, or to try find a way out. I choose the latter option.

There was an the exit once. I can make a route out again. So, I begin to take away the bricks. One by one. And move them. I discover that I’m not alone in this tunnel turned cave. There were others walking along who got trapped with me. Together, we scrape ourselves and fall, we get crushed under the rocks and create more roof falls. It just seems pointless. That we’re now all bruised and battered instead of just relaxing and enjoying the confinement. But if we turn around. We see that we’re actually a few feet along. We’ve cleared up a minuscule amount of the rubble. Just that with so much still in front of us. All those rocks. We find it hard to see that we’ve actually done something. It seems an impossibility to ever get out. And we forget to turn around and see that actually, we are doing stuff. Coz even though we’re still stuck there. And it’s a shame that instead of enjoying being there, we are trying to get out and hating that. We don’t see how we’re building muscles. Will power. And learning how to move those rocks out the way. So, we chart a little bit more of the path. Move another few rocks away. Get another lot of cuts and bruises. And fall down and create more falls and issues to deal with. But are moving. And one day, it’s possible to move that roof fall and to have created a path out of the once tunnel that turned cave. And we don’t need to do it alone, coz’ the other people stuck in the tunnel turned prison with us, can help us dig our way out. And when we fall down, the other person will be there to help us stand up. And when they get trapped under the rocks they’re trying to move, we can help them get away from it. Coz’ we’ve done it.

The path that we’re creating to lead us out of them. The path and rocks others have moved ahead of us. Help those still there. They see how to do it because we’ve done it. We see how to do because of those who’ve done it….

So long,


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