Blue sky #169

The skies blue here

Yet again

Blue sky helps me

Feel sane

The sky is blue

I hope by you

It is too

Either way no clue what I’m writing, just my reason post for today. The blue sky! Looking up and smiling at the sun shining and so grateful for blue sky. Blue sky makes me happy.

I wish I could take and upload pictures but being that the feature isn’t working on my blog than I guess I can’t.

Love, light and glitter

So long as there’s life, there’s hope


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  1. Seeing blue sky makes me happy, too. It’s calming, uplifting. Such a shame you can’t upload a photo, it would be lovely to see what you see. What happens when you try to post an image? Not that I’m any WordPress whizz, but I’m happy to try to help if at all possible!
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks for pointing out the spam…
      When I post an image it just doesn’t show at all. Sometimes I can copy and paste but if I upload nothing comes up and if I click on the media I see loads of squares with words and no images.

        1. Thanks
          I don’t really know how to do it as to backup and update I need to move my blog to my own hosting (someone else is hosting my blog and has issues with all her blogs) and I’ve no clue how to do that or how to figure out which is good hosting or what…… I love the article for how easy it is bu unfortunately I can’t implement the solutions :(
          Love, light and glitter to you Caz
          How have you been doing?

      1. Ha haha… it’s okay. I tried to fix it, too, but couldn’t do it. I also saw that there is a new update for your WordPress Site, and it said to notify you, the Administrator. It wouldn’t let me download it.

        I have a WordPress Site Account that is not being used, and if you ever wish to post on there, with pictures of your choice, you are welcome. Maybe just give your followers, here, the link. You could also title it with ‘Eliza’, or whatever you wish.. just a suggestion. But, no worries! ? Your Site here is fabulous!

        1. What do you mean by a wordpress site account?
          It doesn’t actually let me update anything – anytime I try it doesn’t work.

          1. Anyone can have more than one WordPress account. I was going to use one dedicated solely to poems about God, and one for just miscellaneous stuff. But, then I decided just to leave everything on one account… God, Heroes, Inspiration, and Monsters… so the other account is not being used.

                  1. Oh, I get it now… okay, I had an email address a long time ago, but wanted to change it bcuz too much spam. So, because I have two email accounts, WP allows two WP Blogs. If you want another WP account, just get another email address to sign up for separate account. My other WordPress account is just sitting there, empty. I probably will delete it when I get to it.

  2. yes, I love this poem and rejoice in your joy at the sky, it’s vast and free whilst ever changing for our entertainment if we just take a moment to appreciate it :)

        1. Do you happen to be on at the moment?
          I just want to use (cocodamol) and, I guess I’m trying to distract myself.

              1. so glad you’re ok sweetness … smart to check if I’m around when you want to talk, but tricky to be online at the same time with our time difference :)

      1. Thank you, I am so happy when you ask. I am fine, have meditated and it is always wonderful. Soon night now. Hope all is well with you❤️
        I love the way you put «love, light and glitter» it has a deeper meaning too me, for my spiritual soul?

      1. This weekend is the warmest weekend in this year in Finland, but night time we still have some frost. Just had a nice walk in the nature, also with blue sky and warm sunshine (10 degrees Celsius).
        All the best, my friend

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