Big Dogs, Reason 179

Big Dogs

Hello, this is Tamara 

Big Dogs are cool, and fun! Having fun is a good enough reason, in my book, to live!

My dad’s 100-plus pound dog, a silky Black Labrador (with a coat so glossy, that it shines even when there is no light present), follows me around everywhere.

So, this means that when I sit down, he plops on the floor, right below me.

Thus, as it so happens, I arose from the chair to do some errands, and as I took one gigantic step over him (so as not to actually step right on top of him), he also rose up (there is humor in this), and so, all at once, I found myself riding on the back of this big, black horse!

He immediately hurled me off his back, and as I brought my face back up from being smashed into the carpet, I look up, and my two wide-eyed cats were watching me in both, amazement and confusion, along with my dog, an intelligent (and highly concerned), Australian Shepherd.

Even though it was only a small parade of animals that had just saw this creepy horse ride, I found my face flushing bright red, and my cheeks turning hot.

I immediately jumped up to a standing position, quickly brushed the hair out of my face and mouth, and immediately blurted out to my captivated audience, “Who wants a treat???” I knew this would make them forget the entire freak show they had just witnessed.

But, really, it was fun!

Survival Through Faith

Yancosky, Tamara

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