One Hundred and Fourteen: Watches

Watches. Watches. Watches. I haven’t bought myself a watch in a really long while. Anyone looking at my watch collection would find that hard to believe, but it’s really true, and at the moment most my watches need repairing and batteries replacing. A number of them are cheap, so I’m not going to bother with those, but I have 6 more expensive ones that need to be repaired so that I can actually wear them. And then there is the newest one I bought that I need to figure how to move up slightly so that I can actually wear it. Hey, I’ve another reason post :) Oops, sorry, not meant to get distracted by myself. So, watches. I love buying watches. I don’t particularly like wearing them, but I do like buying them. It’s fun. Come to think of it, I should order a couple now.

My watch stand looks like this – except that mine has watches only on the upper two tiers. Image result for 3 tier velvet watch stand

I know a lot of you didn’t understand my shoe obsession. But, watches? Do you get that?

So long as there’s live, there’s hope.


I would love you to post your reason here! Please be in touch :)

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  1. Wow, I’ve never met anyone else who has a watch collection besides me! I have probably 15… (I haven’t actually counted, though) and they’re many different colors and styles. Yet I have the 2 favorites that I wear most.


    1. I usually keep to just one or so at a time… or wear none.
      Was actually just thinking of you yesterday.
      Love and light

  2. i just wrote a short story for my writing group which includes an appropriated antique pocket watch. i once had a pocket watch but it was stolen. i haven’t worn a wrist watch in how many years? a lot. my wrist doesn’t miss it at all, but my brain would still like to have my eyes look down there every once in a while. i bet they’ll just be doing time implants soon. so beware. but maybe we will be implanted with the vision of nice wristwatches when looking at our wrists. theft may become a thing of the past. but don’t forget the tic tic tic i hope they implant that too!!!

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