And so the journey begins – or continues… — Journey to life

I’m creating this as another blog site. I wonder if it’s a good idea or not. I wonder if I’m crazy. I wonder if I’ll regret it. The past week so much has been going through my mind. I’ve been struggling a lot and a lot has happened – in my head – and I’ve […]

via And so the journey begins – or continues… — Journey to life

I’m starting another blog. Journey through/to life. Eliza’s ramblings. I wouldn’t know what to call it. This site isn’t ending. I just rarely post here as I feel guilty to post anything that isn’t positive or about reasons to live, as this is meant to be about reasons to live. I know I shouldn’t judge it all so much, but I do, so here I’m starting this site. I’d love you all to join me on the journey. I really do need support and would appreciate any and all. I’m grateful to have met you all and I plan on sticking around here too. I really do want this (reasons to live) site to continue. I want to think of more reasons and be able to post them. And I’d like to have a go and blogging too. At just being able to ramble what I’d like (and yeah I’ll probably judge myself there too). See you there :)

Love, light and glitter

So long as there’s life, there’s hope…

If you’d like to post your reasons here, please be in touch


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  1. I think if it feels right, then go for it. I can see why you’re hesitant to post things that aren’t positive or an actual ‘reason to live’ on here given the nature of this blog, which I imagine must be quite restrictive. Personally I think the idea of another one for your personal thoughts and ‘ramblings’ and whatever you want to write about it great! Off to check it out now :)
    Caz xx

  2. Since I just hit “Follow” on the new site, I wasn’t allowed to leave a comment.
    Eliza, my blog is all over the charts… because my mind too is all over the place. Go with whatever the mood tells you to do. Just like you, I’m going through a journey as well. For that matter, most of us are.
    I hope you enjoy and write more. Write for yourself first, the rest will follow naturally.
    Good Luck!!! ?

    1. Thank you Beckie. And thank you for following. I wonder what will happen, but, I’m grateful. Grateful that for today I’m feeling okay (even if that’s because of the nothingness).
      I haven’t been reading others posts, and I do feel guilty about it (and am trying not to feel guilty for I know I’ll get there when I can)
      Thank you for following…!
      Love, light and lotsa glitter

        1. At the moment it’s moments, but I’m hoping it’ll change. Does it ever get to a place where it’s not about ‘not’ but about ‘yes’?

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