English Bulldogs! Creative Writing, 161 Reasons

English Bulldogs!

Hello, this is Tamara! And, this is Reasons, #161:

My son has the most adorable English Bulldog! His name is Thor. As I write this post, Thor has his cuddly head upon my lap, and he is lightly snoring. When he hears something outside, he raises his head, and sounds like a “train wreck” with his grunting and groaning. Ha haha! He makes me smile, laugh, and feel immensely grateful for life!

He has loose skin that hangs down from his face and neck, and a dense, muscular body that and is condensed into a perfect size. He is huggable, lovable, bratty, and magnificent!

I love Thor!

English Bulldogs, Creative Writing

Tamara Yancosky

Survival Mode!

Questions for this therapist 2

Last time I wrote this it was completely for myself to clarify what I was thinking – put it into some semblance of separation. My language on here recently really needs an upgrade! Whoops, I actually wrote elsewhere that I was going to close my laptop. I’ve closed that browser instead (there’s a tab I need to exit that I’m not ready to shut, so closing the window means it’ll come up when I open it – same as if I open the laptop, but it’s not open at the moment). I love how distractable I am! Continue reading “Questions for this therapist 2”

I wish I could have told you this before you killed yourself

A 16 year old girl in my community committed suicide the other day. I wish I could have spoken to her. I’m not sure if I’d know what to tell her. I’m not sure that there’s anything to say.

Dear ____ . Scrap the dear.


If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re suicidal. Have thought, are thinking of, suicide as a viable option. I know that place. Where the only option is to end your life in order to end the pain. It isn’t about ending your life I know. It’s about stopping the world. Getting off from a world you didn’t ask to be part of. Maybe that’s just how I see it. The train moving way too fast on the tracks, the tracks ending at a cliff, the train is going to hurtle down the cliff and you’re going to be shattered to pieces at the bottom. Or you can just get off the train of life. Continue reading “I wish I could have told you this before you killed yourself”

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