What is this blog about

Hey all,

I started this blog when I wanted to look at the reasons why live, instead of why commit suicide. It was nearing the end of a year since I had promised to give life a go, and, to me it seemed that a year was long enough to have tried. If I couldn’t think of any reasons, if it still wasn’t any better, why was I holding on? Taking the date away helped. Giving myself permission to be with whatever was and deal with it at the moment, instead of having a date that I had to live until and could then kill myself on. I’m grateful that I started writing out my reasons. I’m grateful to everyone who reads this. I’m grateful that for the most part I actually want to be here, to see what could be. Ideally I wanted to write a reason a day. Which doesn’t usually happen…… My dream for this blog was that others would post their reasons too, that it’d be a place for everyone who comes on here to write and share their reasons to live. If you want to post your reason here, please be in touch!

I’d love thoughts, advice or comments.



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