Naps! One Hundred Thirty Eight


Just as I am about ready to drift off to sleep, the most peaceful feeling comes over me. In this lovely state of tranquility, all is well, and there is great hope for the future. All things are possible for everyone! There is reason to believe, trust, and rejoice! God dwells within me, continuosly, and He cares for my loved ones.

Drifting off into sleep is a reason to celebrate life!


Survival – Yancosky

Loving The Rain, One Hundred thirty Three Reasons

Loving the rain and anticipating its arrival makes meĀ glad at being alive!

Of course, I am not just talking about a bit of drizzling, here and there, or a dainty rainfall. No, I am speaking about heavy, horse-galloping rain! The kind heard through even the most insulated of walls!

This kind of radical downfall is a sensational thrill for me! I can see rapid crystals hitting the ground, as I feel its thrilling energy and adventurousĀ  Continue reading “Loving The Rain, One Hundred thirty Three Reasons”

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