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Beauty in the world
Prove it’s possible

Add a link
Chart a path
You’ll never know what could have been
People who believe in me
Music the world plays
A child’s smile/laugh
It gets better
This too shall pass
Your smile
Gift giving
The squirrel
Nail varnish
Almost there
Tomorrow is a new day
Tomorrow is still a new day
Nothing is over until its over
End vs Beginning
Reason thirty
People who make me smile
Bubble baths
The beach
Coincidences that aren’t
Finding the light in the dark
Leaves changing colours
The light of understanding
The light is off but still there
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
I’ve come up with Forty reasons…
People who care
The humour in everything
All that could be
Walking in the breeze
Acts of kindness of others
To give
It’s part of a big picture
Stumbling block vs stepping stone
People who inspire me
There is always another reason
You’re okay
Shadow images 2
There is always another chance
Facing the fear
Being there for others
Change 2
The sound of rain
Being present
People who give
Continue on
I’m okay
The sun
Ninety days
The struggle
Rowing against the current
Badges of honour
View I wake up to
Instead of fighting
One choice
The pause
Today is a new day
Waking up – okay
A universe to discover
Love multiplies
Suicide dialogue
Summer is coming
Going backwards to go forwards
Random tree-view
Scars – ‘that’s what scars are for’
You are a hero
As long as there is life – there is hope
Japanese manhole covers
Stating what I want
Sandcastles and life
Get up and win that race
Reason One Hundred
What happened to road rage???
Be proud of yourself
The meaning I attribute
I would attempt
People who join me on this journey
The ability to cry
Be where you are
The sun is present
Jigsaw puzzles
Winners win
Five seconds
The beauty of change
To believe in possibility
Five senses
I Hate You – Don’t Leave Me (book)
Online retail therapy
Don’t quit – poem
People who inspire me 2
Music that moves me
Relaxation/grounding exercises
13 reasons why not
Birds singing
It takes only a second
Meeting Coral on the plane
Letting myself cry
When the darkness is lightened a tad
Tomorrow needs YOU
Pennies from heaven
Sunshine on my shoulders
Loving the rain
A chance to tell my story
Two years
Today I can be sad
Feeling like drowning
I’m grateful to be alive
Never stop believing in yourself
Surviving California fire
20 questions to ask yourself if you feel like giving up
The bottles of water
Going down when you’re going up
Unopened boxes
Mountain mindfulness meditation
Moving forward from 2018
Taking ownership of my life – 2019
To this day (song)
Adventures in the wild, self discovery
Masca cliffs
Messages from god
You can find love, yes, you
The ability to be mindful
A matter of mattering
Blurring. Or pausing and being.
Broken phones
I wish I could have told you this before you killed yourself
A reason
English bulldogs
Giving it to god
Safety in the moment
Driving update
It’s the journey not the destination
Glimmers of hope
Letter from a therapist
Blue sky
Black Licorice
Finally Finding Ourselves, A Meaning To Life by Mark
New blogs
You’re worth it — Journey to life
Life’s heading – somewhere?
There’s always another choice
I don’t want to hurt my family
Changing My Mind
Big Dogs
Water Dancers
Child’s Eyes
Not Alone
Let Our Love Shine
Lying in the grass
Dialogue with myself (TW – SH) — Journey to life
The Freedom of Driving
Getting my site back
Finding a parking space
Is giving up an option
Speck of hope
Street art
Rain 2 – I’m alive

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    1. To add you as a contributor I need to know what username you want to use, and what email address. I think there are easier ways but I just don’t know how to work them out.
      Then you just write a reason post – whatever you want to title the specific post (each post is a separate reason).
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