One Hundred and Twenty Three: Relaxation/grounding exercises

123 (I love that number!) Grounding exercises. I often spiral or find myself anywhere but the present. I’ve come across some random/cool exercises that could be useful.

Yogic/Eye exercises

One of those I try to do before bedtime is Eye exercises. When I saw this the instructions were to keep your head straight and to move in each direction as far as possible without turning your head (for example right to left to right to left) 10 – 15 times and to close your eyes for 30 seconds between each exercise. I didn’t do that the first time. Lesson learned!

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – See, Hear, Feel

I’m copying this one out as I can’t seem to upload the file from

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, and begin to notice what you can see, hear and feel.


Say to yourself gently:
“I can see… *name any object in your field of vision+”
and repeat for 5 different objects, for example:
“I can see a picture” “I can see a wall”
“I can see a lamp” “I can see a book”
“I can see a radiator”
*Please note that if you do this exercise in complete darkness and you can’t see anything, you can use
imaginary pictures of everyday objects – just visualise them in your mind’s eye, ideally choosing neutral
images that don’t have strong emotions associated with them, whether positive or negative+


“I can hear… [name any sound you can hear]”
and repeat for 5 different sounds, for example:
“I can hear the ticking of the clock” “I can hear traffic outside”
“I can hear my breathing” “I can hear a door creaking”
“I can hear the wind”


“I can feel… [name any feeling or sensation you experience+”
and repeat for 5 different sensations, for example:
“I can feel tension in my shoulders” “I can feel the pillow under my head”
“I can feel the tongue in my mouth” “I can feel my hair on my neck”
“I can feel my hand on my lap”

Repeat the sequence, this time naming only 4 things you can SEE, 4 things you can HEAR, 4 things you can
FEEL (the pictures/sounds/sensations can be the same as last time, or different – it doesn’t matter)

Repeat, naming 3 things you can SEE, 3 things you can HEAR, 3 things you can FEEL

Repeat, naming 2 things you can SEE, 2 things you can HEAR, 2 things you can FEEL

Repeat, naming 1 thing you can SEE, 1 thing you can HEAR, 1 thing you can FEEL



I find breathing exercises harder to keep up or follow through but the one I follow through the most often – usually after doing eye exercises – which I want to do nightly before going to sleep – is breathing in to a number and out to a number, for example in to 4 and out to 6. Or just counting the breaths I’m taking as that helps me to focus.



I’ve no clue what this one should be called. Looking at my surroundings. Tuning in to the colours around me. Thinking of blue – what can I see that is blue. Then green. Then red.

What can I feel

Focusing on what is going on for my physically – what does the room feel like, what does my body feel like, what does the chair/bed/floor feel like.

I found myself doing the last couple when I was journaling – posted it here.

What helps you to be present/ground yourself?

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.


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    1. Thanks for passing by and commenting Kate :)
      The other way I’ve heard is 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you feel (not actually sure what they all are or in what order to be honest, but I don’t think it’s about exactly which is which).

      It’s pretty cool that you teach meditation and mindfulness – although they’re pretty different things. I actually just got accepted for a place on a mindfulness course starting in October.

  1. The reasons category is such a neat idea. Well done.
    I haven’t really tried these, but I can see how they could work.
    I guess, I do variations of those. Focusing just on breathing (air filling up my lungs) does the trick on many occasions.

    1. I find it hard to do any of them to be honest, especially if spiraling, but music can help then. Or getting out.

      Any post I write other than a reason I feel a little bad about, for the entire blog is meant to be one of reasons… I really want to get to 1000 reasons – with anyone who wants to adding their reasons too.

  2. My favourite grounding is picturing a cord coming from my spine down through the floor, into the soil, through all the sub layers of rock and soil. Down deeper until the large ball that holds molten lava inside. I wrap the cord round and round to anchor it.
    Then a cord comes from my head through the roof, clouds, stratosphere, space, galaxy etc etc. I sit and picture it gently pulling me down so I feel anchored.
    Or simply walking barefoot on grass, soil, sand. Wonderful!!
    Gardening is good too except the wallabies eat all our plants! Lol

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