One Hundred and Eleven: Jigsaw puzzles

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111. Hey, I like that number. One One One. I really wanted to write a reason post today, since my last post wasn’t the most positive, besides which, it’s been an entire week since I last wrote a reason post. Took me a while to think of a reason. And when I thought of one, I thought of a few, and wasn’t sure which one to even choose.

111. Puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles in particular. I like other puzzles too. But jigsaw puzzles are better. They help me to focus. They help me to focus in a way that calms me down. Hey, I just thought of 3 more reason posts. For another day. I’m tired and don’t have much time. So, here’s an ode to jigsaw puzzles. I’m not great at rhyming, but on SF they were talking about limericks – first time I learnt what a limerick was

Sitting in front of a puzzle
All the pieces in a muddle
Each piece separate
Waiting to unite
Until it’s no longer a confuzzle

That makes absolutely no sense at all, but hey, who cares?

Jigsaw puzzles. I’m in the middle of one at the moment, and it is taking me forever and a day. This is despite the fact that I cheated – for the puzzle had bits of it that were already done before I started. Maybe it’s that it’s a 1500 piece and the largest I’ve done is 1000. Maybe it’s that the puzzle seems to be made of blues and whites most the same shades, lots with brown lines on it. It’s just a big confuzzlement in my mind. Creative words should be by next reason.

What’s your reason? Do you like puzzles? I like nature ones the best. I’ll try take a picture of the one I’m doing some point and upload it – if I remember, which ain’t likely. I just found it online!

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This is what it’ll look like when done

Image result for falcon puzzle napoleon 3 receiving Queen victoria at cherbourg

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.


Edit: I finished it!!!

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  1. That’s funny when you said you cheated bcuz there were already some pieces put together before you started..ha ha… I’ve done that, too! Only, when I tried to carefully take it out of the box, those put-together pieces fell apart. Ha ha…

    I usually will put the entire frame together, but that’s about it. Then, I put it all back in its box about 3 weeks later. Lol.

    I really like your Limerick! And as far as it not making sense, I LOVE when things don’t make sense because those are the things that I understand best.

    You’re Quote, “Where’s there’s life, there’s hope” has always been one of my faves!

    I like Black Licorice, btw. I just thought of that.



    1. I always glue my puzzles because otherwise I feel like there was no point in making them :).
      The senseless things, well, they make the most sense of all.

  2. hi eliza, this post is making me realize something about myself. when i was in my teens, i loved puzzles. not necessarily jigsaw, but them too anyway. and now, i think i’d nearly run away from one. anyway i presently refer to my psychological state as inside my brain being a burned out battlefield. that did not exist in my teens. but i don’t know that i was ever traumatized but if i was it was when i was around 2 and don’t remember. but what ever went wrong, – the battle – it was an ongoing thing and an undercurrent and not out in the open. my dissociation kept it hidden and everyone thought i was just being me the way i wanted ot be. that is not correct though and it took most of my life to get my head above water for just a moment and scream for help. if i get that help, from others or just on my own, maybe i’ll start engaging again enough to enjoy puzzles again and everything else also. thanks for this “reason” eliza!

  3. Puzzles help me feel a sense of control. If I can take action and see positive, satisfying results, I feel powerful. They are a good way for me to organize my world, my thoughts. Puzzles are a way to remind me that even though I may not clearly see the “big picture” right now, there is hope that all the pieces will fit together someday, and that there will be a beautiful piece of artwork when it’s all said and done.

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