Fifty Six: There is always another chance

I failed my driving test. I was driving and meant to turn. I knew that I was going too fast but was scared to press the brake as I failed my previous test for accelerating instead of braking. Forcing the instructor to brake for me.

He told me that I drove for the 35 minutes up until then perfectly, was confident in driving and made no mistakes. He said I shouldna have let previous experience dictate how I would – or would not – act now. I’m disappointed that I failed. I’m not upset with myself although it is annoying that I let fear direct me. I often let fear rule my life. Although it doesn’t have to. That’s for another reason. So, I failed.
There is always another chance.

So long,


2 Replies to “Fifty Six: There is always another chance”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. Its so true, I fear thinking about all the things in life I have not done because of fear…..
    so yeah

  2. Failure = “an outcome.”
    It may not be the outcome I wanted or expected, but it means NOTHING about me. The outcome doesn’t define me. I have intrinsic value regardless of what I do/don’t do. ❤️

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