Sixty Seven: Continue on

I am not sure why I am finding this moment hard. It’s pretty obvious why – I need sleep.

The quote set as my featured image – go as long as you can and take another step used to be my motto. Just another step. Just another breath. This too shall pass. Continue on….

What helps you continue on?


Sixty Four: Scars

I can hear people’s thoughts to this one. What? Scars? A reason to live? Yeah. They are. I’ve scars. Because of the way I dress most of them aren’t visible. When I go to the beach there are some that I wouldn’t be covering up (well, when I go to the beach in the summer). They’re a part of me. Whether I like it or not. I can choose to give it meaning. Either positive, or negative.

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Fifty Eight: Being there for others

I want to use at the moment. Triggered majorly by being under the weather, by the physical symptoms of being under the weather mirroring the physical effect that using as much as I was had on me. I know that using would send me spiraling and probably bring me back to being actively suicidal. At the moment I’m okay with being here. Yeah there are times when I think about suicide, Continue reading “Fifty Eight: Being there for others”

Fifty Seven: Face the fear

There is a book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. I love the title of the book. It’s a motto I hold, although I don’t act on it anywhere near often enough. The first time I did something solely because I was afraid was when I was invited to join a group of girls going away for a weekend. I knew that they were acquaintances and not friends. I knew that they were friends with each other. I knew that someone I feel responsible for would be there, and that whatever I did would be wrong. I chose to go knowing it all. Precisely because I was afraid.

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