Music That Moves Me, One Hundred Twenty Two

Music that moves me is one of my many favorite things! Some of the reasons why I find music such a great inspirational tool in living my life with greater joy, and thereby, thriving (instead of just surviving) are as follows:

1). Music has a seemingly magical way of lifting me up higher than a soaring bird, rising me far above the clouds, when I am feeling down. Continue reading “Music That Moves Me, One Hundred Twenty Two”

One Hundred and fifteen: The Beauty of Change

Your thoughts:

Question one – How is change beautiful? How is that a reason to live?
Question two – Who are you?

Answer two: I’m Hadas Bat-el, and I’m guest blogging for Eliza today! Thank G-d I’m not suicidal, but I work with teens, and get many messages from people struggling with all sorts of things. Thank you Eliza for creating a platform where these topics can be approached and talked about. Continue reading “One Hundred and fifteen: The Beauty of Change”

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