Letter to myself: You aren’t guilty.


I love you. I’m proud of you. Even as you get upset with your sister. I’m proud of you. I love you. Even as you hate that you’ve eaten too much. I love you even as you hate your body. I don’t know why you do. It’s kinda more recent. Maybe transference? I love you Eliza. Whatever you do or don’t do, I love you. And am proud of you. I wish I had a magic wand. Continue reading “Letter to myself: You aren’t guilty.”

One Hundred and Forty Three: The bottles of water

Random acts of kindness 101. Bottled water.

We were driving down the road and saw these stacks of bottles.

Bottled Water, Stack Of Bottles, Brecon Carreg

The guy there offered us some, just because.

Bottle, Brecon Carreg, Sea, Water, Bottled Water, Beach

He took a pack of 24 and placed it in the boot of our car. Being that I only drink bottled water this was/is a real favour for me. He actually offered me more, and more, but I was too shy to accept.

It was a random act of kindness that showed me, hey, there are some really nice people in this world. (reminds me of my WATWB posts 1 2 3)

What act of kindness has someone done for you today or can you do for someone else today?


One Hundred and Forty Two: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Feel Like Giving Up (reblog)

Once again I’m reblogging an article from Your Life Your Voice. I love what I’ve found on there. My post 13 reasons why not is from there, too.

I thought this was really helpful. I think I should dress up now! Put on makeup, curl my hair (and post a selfie on here???) Continue reading “One Hundred and Forty Two: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Feel Like Giving Up (reblog)”

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