Letter to myself: 17th January

This is again going to be short…

Dear Eliza I am proud of you. I’m glad it’s the end of another day and that today was calmer. Just as it was an easier day today, when the going gets tough, remember it does get easier. I don’t know that the journey is worth it. I sure hope it is. What I do know, however, is that you are worth it. That you deserved to be okay and that you can do it.

Luv ya


Seventy Three: Rowing against the current

Hey, I love the album/artist against the current…

So I wrote this last night at 3.36 am when I was bored. I promise I slept last night! For a couple of hours before I woke up and a couple of hours after. I don’t know how much clarity my rambling journaling will have had at that hour. I guess if this make sense to you I’ll be lucky. I’d love to hear!! Continue reading “Seventy Three: Rowing against the current”

Letter to myself: 16th January

This is going to be short as it’s late and I am using my phone.

Dear Eliza

It’s the end of yet another day. I’m super proud of you. For living. For being. The little things do add up even if you can’t yet see how. The world is a confusing and challenging place for you. I wish I could change it but I can’t. You’ve just gotta live through it and hope and believe that with time it will change. The effort doesn’t seem worth the outcome, but hey, you never know.

I love you Eliza. You’re worth it. You can and will get there. I promise you. I believe in you.


LTM: 8 Jan

I wrote this as wanting to self harm or use. I have so much I can use…. Both of which aren’t options. Had an appointment today with someone who didn’t have time. I wanted to ask for a referral to a nutritionist but I couldn’t as couldn’t explain myself when I just didn’t and don’t deserve it.

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