Twenty Five: Nothing is over until it’s over

Gosh, I havta start seeing the world in brighter colours.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Is tomorrow still a new day?
Nothing is over until it’s over. There’s always another chance. There’s always hope. As long as you’re here there’s always a reason to be here.


TWENTY: Rainbows

Hey y’all

I’ve been meaning to write this post all day. Rainbows. It can be split into 3, but for only one of them. Rainbows actually makes sense to follow on from my previous post – stars. Although I like the feel of rain, I hate the grey sky that comes along with it. When it’s a blue sky, it’s happier. A grey sky just dampens the entire day. Without the rain though, you could never have the rainbow. Continue reading “TWENTY: Rainbows”


Some nights you sit outside, be it on the patio, reclining in a hammock, up in a tree, or lying on the grass on the mountainside. You look upwards. At the ink black sky. Filled with flickering lights. That light up the night. Make it look like a bright fairy tale world. In some places the stars seem closer than in others. Some nights there are storm clouds covering the sky. Continue reading “NINETEEN: Stars”


I thought of this earlier when the world was looking a little brighter – metaphorically – than it is now. I asked S for a reason. She said thunderstorms. I was like, oh yeah, I was thinking about writing about rain earlier. Except that, whilst earlier rain seemed like a reason to live, now, it doesn’t. It can still do though.

Seventeen. Rain. Continue reading “SEVENTEEN: Rain”

SIXTEEN: Nail varnish

This reason needs no elaborating on. I mean, come on, nail varnish. You all must know just how much of a reason that is. Like, you can put on sparkly black, or pale pink, deep blue, or shimmery yellow. Nail varnish. Reason sixteen.

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